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Qwarie is a one-stop shop for OSINT, with flexible and customized services to fit your requirements.

Qwarie Trainers are Investigators.


  • Qwarie is technical, with a team ready to support our clients' investigation environment.
  • Qwarie is astute, developing its own Application based on experience, knowledge and understanding of client and legal requirements.         
  • Qwarie is quick, comprehending the direction of the Ministry of Justice and developing a compatible application.
  • Qwarie is fit for purpose, consistently re-appraising our direction, to ensure our products and services are at the forefront of Investigation & Reporting Technology.
  • Qwarie is diligent, taking care to launch a fully tested product, placing quality and sustainable relationships over short-term profit.
  • Qwarie is liquid. Qwarie Ltd has no debt or financial pressures demanding a rapid ROI.
  • Qwarie is safe, with encryption and clean code to ensure customer data security.
  • Qwarie is responsible, vetting and engaging trusted human resources.
  • Qwarie is global, able to supply courses in most major cities, worldwide.
  • Qwarie provides disclosure. Although technically a start-up in 2016, Qwarie brings together the experience and skills of multiple experts, that have run their own businesses for an aggregated duration of more than 25 years.
  • Qwarie is committed to a long-term evolution, entertaining no short-term exit strategy.
  • Qwarie has integrity with its human resources and clients, in equal measure.


Four day OSINT Course in London -  Using The Internet and Social Media as an Investigative Tool ::  November 14th - 17th   2016  FULLY BOOKED
Four day OSINT Course in London -  Using The Internet and Social Media as an Investigative Tool ::  September 12th - 15th   2016
Qwarie founder and Director of Training and Investigations, Neil Smith is speaking for the Centre of Investigative Journalism at their summer school.