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Jim Sörböen

Head of Global Business Development

Since incorporation, Jim has been Qwarie's preferred choice for the position.

Jim brings with him a wealth of experience in technical sales,
particularly with Market Intelligence Applications.

In September 2017, two months before the launch of Qwarie OSINT App, Jim joined Qwarie. Jim resides in Zurich, from there he is developing the Qwarie business, assisting our customers to make the right choices, be that with OSINT training services, OSINT research services or Qwarie OSINT App deployment.

Jim says, "My induction with Qwarie was brilliant. This company is very well organised and offers exceptional training and research services. Qwarie OSINT App has phenomenal value. All this makes for an enjoyable and exciting time for me.

To discuss our services or arrange a live on-line demo of QOA, please make contact with me here."