Qwarie Case Manager

QCM for Private Sector Customers:

The Qwarie Case Manager provides a secure on-line environment for private sector clients to review, manage and direct their investigations.

Also, the QCM provisions the management of a client's entire case portfolio.

As a Qwarie customer, you shall have a login to the QCM with permissions to direct and manage your investigations.
Evidential Reports, generated by the Research team, display in the QCM and clients can download them at any time.  A copy can remain in the QCM or the client can choose to delete a report from the QCM.

The QCM provides a daily record of all fees incurred and invoices raised by Qwarie. The client can set a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Batch payment threshold, for precise cost control.

The QCM records a log of all actions. The log can be viewed by the client.

Our intention with QCM is not to remove the human connection between us and our clients. Voice or video Skype communications can be opened from within the QCM. Our intention is to provide the opportunity for precise and clear communication through one single point of contact, so that misunderstanding is eliminated.



In the QCM, the client provides the initial Instruction for the Investigation and sets the duration for the research and Evidence Report composition. The default is 4 hours for a single subject.

The QCM provides the client with the earliest start date. Urgent Investigations might be entertained by Qwarie and where feasible, the option is made available in the QCM, at a premium price.



On completion of the research, the Report is published behind the client's password, in the QCM. The QCM sends an e-mail notification to the client.

Upon login, the client may read the Report, download it as a PDF or DCS compatible HTML file. By default, a copy remains in the QCM. The customer may choose to delete the Report from the QCM with an option to delete from backups. Qwarie takes a daily backup of all data in the QCM. By selecting 'delete from backup' all copies of a Report shall be purged and Qwarie cannot be responsible for providing a copy in the future. Data relating to the Report shall persist. This data is, the name of the Investigation and reference number, the investigation duration value and the billing data values.



On completion of the Initial Review, the  client manager might chose to mark the Investigation as:-

  1. closed
  2. on-going, with an open or specific term (in hours)
  3. suspended, for further review at a fixed future date

Where the Investigation is set to resume, a term (in hours) shall be specified.
By e-mail and 7 days ahead of the resumption of an Investigation, the QCM sends a reminder to the client Manager.
This provides the client manager with an opportunity to modify the term, apply additional instructions or close the Investigation.



The QCM has three client user types with differing permissions.

  1. Manager. The Manager has Create Read Update and Delete permissions for all client functions and assets within the QCM
  2. Analyst. By default, the Analyst has Read only permissions for Reports within the QCM. On request, other permissions may be granted.
  3. Accounts: By default, the Accountant has Read only permissions for all client functions and assets except Reports.

There is no limit to the quantity of each account Type that a client may request.
Account logins maybe assigned to a role or to a specific person.
Each client is granted one of each account Type, free of charge.
Each additional account incurs a small annual fee
Each instance of modifications to an account incurs a small fee


The Qwarie Case Management environment is a secure cloud facility that permits a client to access on-going investigations. It holds the client's initial instruction, the Evidential Report with access to the Audit Trail and it allows download of all assets, with an option to delete data from the QCM.