Qwarie - About us

Who we are & What we do

Qwarie is a UK registered Open Source Intelligence company providing OSINT Research, OSINT, Band Protection and Cybercrime Trainings, Public Speaking on all matters relating to OSINT and Products that facilitate safe and effective OSINT Investigations.

We offer a range of OSINT Training courses and OSINT Research Services, all of which can be customized to fit client requirements.

The company, has an Executive that has evolved out of K&T Research Services Ltd

Qwarie has a team of five senior OSINT and Cybercrime trainers and seven assistant trainers. The Senior Trainers are all former police officers and the Assistant Trainers are full-time OSINT investigators. Qwarie has an in-house technical team that supports trainers and investigators, and develops technical solutions.

Qwarie Differentiation - what we do that is different


As the client, you direct the investigation and instruct Qwarie to perform specific research on your behalf.
Qwarie provides a clearly defined and cost-controlled research process.
For pricing purposes, we differentiate between instructions with a single subject and instructions with multiple subjects.
Clients may reduce costs with discounted bulk purchases of investigations over an agreed term.

As the client, you have access to the report as it progresses.
This provides you with a Case Management opportunity that includes options to direct the case.
You might order an investigation to continue or resume, allocating more budget.
An investigation may be suspended, pending resumption at a later date of your choice; or you might decide to close the Investigation.
A closed investigation can be re-opened.


All Qwarie OSINT trainers are investigators. Trainers stay current, in the rapidly changing space of OSINT through daily contact with the Research team and by performing at least two real world Investigations each month.

Qwarie courses are customized to fit the client's expectations and requirements. Our most popular and most beneficial training is the 4 day course "OSINT and Social Media Research as an Investigative Tool" which is offered both privately and publicly.


Presentations & Public Speaking:

Qwarie CEO & Director of Investigations, Neil Smith and most of our OSINT Senior Trainers, regularly present as Guest Speakers on all matters concerning OSINT at Conferences and Events. Presentations may be adapted in duration and subject matter to fit the client's requirements.
More on Presentations & Public Speaking


Qwarie OSINT Products

Qwarie has an in-house team of innovative developers. We create demand driven OSINT specific products and test them rigorously while researching our customers investigations.

Qwarie Remote Desktop:       QRD provides nil footprint and protection from attack

Qwarie OSINT Application:      QOA is an OSINT research tool with Audit Trail and Evidential Reporting

Qwarie Case Management:     QCM is an Investigation management application