The Evolution of Qwarie

Qwarie has evolved out of K & T Research Services Ltd (KTRS).

In 2016, Qwarie was incorporated in England.


Training & Research Services

Since 2008, Neil Smith Qwaire Executive Officer for Research, has trained researchers in Law Enforcement & other Government Agencies; Researchers in Financial Services, Insurance and Medical sectors; Journalists in Print and TV and private sector agents in Security and Asset Protection.

Neil continues to lead Qwarie training courses for clients and he supervises the training of Qwarie researchers. Qwarie trainees support Neil as Training assistants on all Qwarie courses with 10 or more delegates.

Qwarie delivers both OSINT Research services and OSINT Training services, that were formerly supplied by KTRS.

Neil supervises a team of Qwarie trained OSINT researchers and he is accountable for all researcher activity.


The Application

Since 2008, KTRS has sought to develop an application that would assist investigators with OSINT research.

Qwarie owns the Application and has embarked on a rigorous and extensive programme of testing and refinement, by using the Application to perform research.

Upon satisfactory completion of the extensive test and refinement programme, Qwarie will market the Application.