Fixed Term Training



All training can be conducted privately, at your premises or at Qwarie premises.

Public training services are conducted in London, Birmingham and Stafford.

General OSINT Fixed Term Training

Qwarie offers a range of courses over 1-5 days, in OSINT and Social Media Research.

1 day courses are theory with demonstrations, with no practical component.

The demonstrations are always live, with the trainer accessing the internet.

2-5 day courses have theory with demonstrations and a practical component.

Specialised OSINT Training

  • Brand Protection & OSINT:
1 Day | 3 Day
  • Trading Standards & OSINT:
1 Day | 3 Day
  • Financial Services & OSINT:
1 Day | 3 Day
  • Legal Services & OSINT:
1 Day | 3 Day
  • Human Resources & OSINT:
1 Day | 3 Day
  • Public Services & OSINT:
1 Day | 3 Day
  • Insurance Fraud & OSINT:
1 Day | 3 Day

Public Fixed Term Training

Usually, Qwarie offers 3 and 4 day OSINT courses and 2 day Social Media Research courses.

Qwarie shall offer other courses where demand is sufficient.
Notify us of your interest in any future training.  Use our contact form.

To attract further interest, your request shall be published, anonymously.