Qwarie performs the OSINT research component of investigations that are conducted by government agencies and corporate clients.
We receive instructions from our clients and perform research as directed.

OSINT Research

Qwarie Researchers gather evidence from hundreds of data sources that are all in the public domain.

Typical OSINT Research might include:

  • Insurance Fraud: Personal Injury, Staged Accidents & Property Theft
  • Brand Protection & Counterfeit Fraud
  • Money Laundering & Tax Evasion
  • Benefit Fraud
  • Identity Fraud and Theft
  • Cyber Stalker Detection
  • Due Diligence for Employment & Commercial Contracts
  • Intelligence Gathering for Threat Assessment and Risk Evaluation

The Research Process

Qwarie researchers follow a fixed process that permits the client to control costs with no chance of a budget overrun or unauthorized spend.
The process allows for any potential line of enquiry to be opened, and for multiple lines of enquiry to run concurrently.

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Case Management

A safe Case Management environment is provided through the secure and proprietary Qwarie Case Manager.

As a Qwarie customer, you shall login to the QCM and be  provided with the capability to review the progress of each detailed investigation, so that you have oversight and the ability to direct an investigation.

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Social Media Surveillance

Social Media Surveillance is an OSINT Investigation, but the process is fundamentally different.

To perform Social Media Surveillance effectively, Qwarie is developing a state of the art Network Investigations Centre (NIC) that will deploy OSINT surveillance techniques to detect and observe on-line behavior and activity that might pose a threat or risk to a High Value Asset.

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