mSIS is an application that facilitates process driven investigations, which comply with the legislation. mSIS has exceptional OSINT/III capability, but significantly, it allows intelligence and evidence to be gathered from any digital source, that might be a forensics report, a cell site analysis report, a record of a 'snippet of information' etc. For detailed information, please visit the website.

mSIS  Five Applications with Different Capabilities

  • mSIS LE - a criminal investigation solution, with integrated disclosure capacity
  • mSIS CVL - a civil investigation solution, with integrated disclosure capacity
  • mSIS LEGAL - easy and secure preparation of a case for litigation
  • mSIS JUSTICE - a for delivery of evidence in a court of law.
  • mSIS Lite - a free and easy to adopt OSINT/III investigation application

mSIS Delivery Options:

Local Desktop

  • Easy install on your local desktop
  • Simple firewall management
  • VPN Option

More on the website

Remote Desktop

  • Amazon Workspace remote desktops
  • Optional user monitoring
  • Safe VPN gateways in and out

More on the mSIS Cloud Website


Use the secure form at contact page, to inquire about;

  • mSIS Applications
  • OSINT/III training
  • OSINT/III training with mSIS
  • OSINT/III and Social Media research services
  • Public Speaking on any matter concerning OSINT/III