mSIS is a multi-source investigating suite with OSINT/i3 research functionality,
and, with a templated Evidence Report feature, that combines to deliver the user with exceptional productivity.

mSIS is supplied within the Qwarie browser, or as an extension to the Firefox browser.

Qwarie supplies:-
mSIS Standard, for experienced researchers, and;
mSIS Plus, for researchers with limited experience.

mSIS Standard

Four Core Features

  • OSINT/i3 research toolboxes
  • Editable Template
  • Audit Trail
  • Evidence hashing

mSIS Plus

All of the features of mSIS Standard, with;

  • Hundreds of links to data sources
  • Ideal for a less experienced researcher
  • Valuable for an occasional researcher
  • Expansive for an experienced researcher

mSIS Updates

mSIS receives frequent updates:

  • automatically delivered
  • with updated hints for mSIS Plus
  • current and multiple data sources
  • mSIS researchers are best of class


Use the secure form at contact page, to enquire about;

  • OSINT/i3 training
  • OSINT/i3 training with mSIS
  • OSINT/i3 and Social Media research services
  • Public Speaking on any matter concerning OSINT/i3