mSIS is a multi-source investigation solution, providing safe and efficient GDPR compliant OSINT/i3 research functionality, where evidence is quickly gathered from multiple sources, secured with logging and hashing and saved to a case bundle, with an evidence report prepared for litigation.

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The mSIS Product Suite

  • mSIS Core -  a premium solution designed for the corporate sector.
  • mSIS LE - a premium solution, designed specifically for law enforcement
  • mSIS Lite - a low cost, easy to adopt OSINT investigation application
  • mSIS Edit - easy and secure preparation of a case for litigation
  • mSIS Read - a free solution, to get the most from an mSIS case bundle

Delivery Options

mSIS Local Desktop Solutions

  • mSIS easy install on your local desktop
  • Simple firewall management
  • Safe browsing with our VPN


mSIS Cloud Desktop Solutions

  • Reliable remote Desktop Solutions
  • Secure cloud in your jurisdiction
  • Rapid deployment
  • Safe VPN gateways in and out


Use the secure form at contact page, to enquire about;

  • OSINT/i3 training
  • OSINT/i3 training with mSIS
  • OSINT/i3 and Social Media research services
  • Public Speaking on any matter concerning OSINT/i3