OSINT Distance Learning Course

Open Source Intelligence Distance Learning Course

Comprehensive OSINT/III Training for anyone


A Managed or Unmanaged OSINT Distance Learning Course, with No Live Online Training
The Open Source Intelligence Distance Learning Course has no live training sessions.
Trainees receive the training material by e-mail, weekly in a managed format, or with one single e-mail, in the unmanaged format.


Course Code: DLC-M

Anyone can take the managed format.
From the first week of each month, one module is delivered by e-mail, each week, for 13 weeks.
Or as appropriate, were specific modules have been selected.
Trainees have the option, or might be required by their employer, to take a short test each week, before receiving the next module.
Trainees that are employed by a Public Authority, start the Distance Learning Course on the first Tuesday of each month.
All other trainees, start the OSINT Distance Learning Course on the first Wednesday of each month.


Course Code: DLC-U

One e-mail delivers either all 13 modules, or the modules selected by the trainee or their employer.
There is no weekly test, though there is an option to take the final exam.
The exam must be taken within 6 months of the delivery date of the OSINT Distance Learning Course material.

FLEXIBILITY Want to switch between Unmanaged and Managed?
No problem, and no charge. Send us an e-mail to request the switch in format.
For trainees switching to Managed, we will simply send you an e-mail each week to login and take the test.
The pass mark is only for your information, as you have already received the subsequent modules.
For trainees switching to Unmanaged, we will simply send you an e-mail with the outstanding modules.


The weekly test provides trainees with a way to gauge their progress and customer organisations have some oversight capacity.

At the end of the course, there is an option to take final exam and receive a certificate.



Trainees might find that they struggle to complete the OSINT Distance Learning Course and never feel confident about taking the final exam.
Because Qwarie Online courses start in the first week of each month, its easy to upgrade and benefit from the live training.

There are two Online courses. One for the Public Sector and another for the Private Sector.



There is no obligation to purchase all modules in the OSINT Distance Learning Course.
Any module can be selected. However, Module 1 is mandatory.

As you choose the modules you want, the price is adjusted accordingly.
The training process does have a natural progression that might be compromised where any module might be omitted.
OSINT is dynamic and is changing all the time.
Qwarie constantly updates the training material, so that even the most experienced of researchers might be made aware of new techniques that might compensate for other techniques that have been excluded.

As there is no live training in the OSINT Distance Learning Course, a customer employee with oversight requirements, cannot observe the training process.
However, it is possible, with the Managed OSINT Distance Learning Course, to have some degree of oversight, as there is the option to oblige employees to take the weekly test.
You can set the pass mark, that allows for a trainee to progress to the next module.

13 Open Source Intelligence Training Modules



The complete OSINT Distance Learning Course is £399 + VAT per delegate.
A single user can buy the OSINT Distance Learning Course with a credit/debit card payment.

Modules, Upgrades & Discounts

In the near future, the capability to select modules and benefit from discount pricing will display here.
In the interim, please make any request with the form.



Scope: A comprehensive and extensive training course, covering all matters relating to OSINT.

Audience: Designed for Law Enforcement, and any Public Authority employees with a research mandate; for Corporate researchers and Private investigators.

Jurisdiction: The Legal and Policy module relates primarily to the UK. Otherwise, the principles taught relate to any jurisdiction. Qwarie is developing Legal and Policy modules for other jurisdictions.

Provisioning: PDF files with resources and data sources from the Qwarie website uk-osint.net, and online training.

Format: Theory and information, with examples, followed by online practical tasks for most modules. The Distance Learning Course has no online training sessions.

Duration: 13 weeks managed, 26 weeks unmanaged.

Technical Requirements: No specialist equipment is required, just a standard desktop or laptop computer with a good Internet connection and a Firefox Browser.

Data Protection: Each organisation and all it's trainees, that take the Distance Learning Course are responsible for protecting the data that might be processed during the training. Do not leak data to corporate interests. To do this, avoid use of the Chrome or Edge Browsers.

Copyright: Each recipient of the Distance Learning Course is obliged to protect the course material. There is no right to distribute the material to anyone else. This includes people inside your organisation.

Security: Each recipient of the Distance Learning Course, and any purchasing organisation,  is obliged to ensure that all computers and devices used during the course, are not compromised, so the material is not distributed unintentionally.

Weekly Tests: These are optional. The client organisation can set the pass mark, and where a pass allows the trainee to progress to the next module. 

Examination Availability: Each trainee has the option to take a final exam.

Examination Pass Mark: Pass mark is set by the client organisation. Otherwise it is 80%.  

Certification: All trainees that pass the final exam have the option to request a certificate.On request, the mark attained shall display on the certificate.

Accreditation: Currently, the course is not independently accredited. However, a combination of the quality and extent of the material, the examination and the verifiable certificate, allows students and employers to rely on the Qwarie OSINT Distance Learning course.

Volume Discount: On a single Purchase Order over £9,000

Deferred Training: Using training seats purchased at a discount: All trainees shall commence a training within 12 months of the date of the purchase order.

Sign-up: Please contact Qwarie to sign-up for the training or to request more information.