Public Speaking

Qwarie CEO and Director of Investigations, Neil Smith, has been speaking publicly on all matters concerning OSINT since 2009.
Neil was instrumental in developing OSINT as a investigation tool while serving as a Police Officer before year 2000. He observed the explosion in social media from 2005 onwards and used his early day experience to develop what some people label WEBINT and SOCMINT. Qwarie prefers the single, all encompassing label, OSINT.

A wealth of experience and encyclopedic knowledge of OSINT gives Neil the authority to speak on any matter concerning OSINT. His uncommon ability to take the complexity out of OSINT, while applying a little humour, makes him one of the most sought after OSINT public speakers, not just in the UK, but worldwide.


Qwarie Flexibility

One of our more popular presentations is the one hour, "An Introduction To Open Source Intelligence & Gathering Information From Social Networking Sites".  This presentation introduces the scope of, what some OSINT protagonists call, SOCMINT.  (Social Media Intelligence). Qwarie keeps it simple and interesting by providing examples of its real word application.

Sector Specific Presentations: As awareness of the value of OSINT has grown significantly since 2010, there is great demand for presentations with a sector specific subject matter.
Qwarie is able to adapt each presentation to the client's requirements.

A presentation may have a short duration of 30 minutes. Longer presentations may run for several hours.

The subject matter and duration may be carefully specified by the client to provide optimal benefit for the audience.

Are you looking for a Guest Speaker, for your meeting, event or conference?
Below is a list of scheduled future presentations and historical presentations dating back to 2009.
The diverse subject matter of many presentations might provide inspiration of what would work best for you.

Take advantage of Neil's experience, and don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements or to make a request with a proposed subject matter, duration and date.


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Articles for Publication

Neil writes frequently for the Police Oracle. Other publications include FreePint on My Favourite Tipples, and The Investigator on-line magazine Magazine

Police Oracle 2015

Police Oracle 2014

Police Oracle 2013


2012 & 2103

  • March - Post Desk interviewed Neil about open source intelligence
  • February - Paul Bradshaw interviewed Neil about investigating people online for his Help Me Investigate website