Qwarie performs OSINT research in full compliance with GDPR, DPA and other pertinent legislation, to gather evidence under the direct instruction of our clients. Our researchers perform without bias or prejudice, so that we follow the evidence, regardless of the outcome.

OSINT Research

Qwarie Researchers gather evidence from hundreds of data sources that are all in the public domain.

Typical OSINT Research might include:

  • Insurance Fraud: Personal Injury, Staged Accidents & Property Theft
  • Intelligence Gathering for Threat Assessment and Risk Evaluation
  • Due Diligence for Property, Employment & Commercial Contracts
  • Financial crime: Money Laundering & Tax Evasion
  • Brand Protection & Counterfeit Fraud
  • Benefit Fraud: trading while claiming
  • Identity Fraud and Theft
  • Cyber Stalker Detection

Qwarie Research Teams

Qwarie has several teams of OSINT researchers. Each team has 6 people, with one team leader. Teams of six are able to research larger cases, quickly and effectively. Also, smaller cases are passed to a 6 team, where the Team Leader delegates to a pair. The Team Leader retains overall responsibility for delivery of the case report.

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The Research Process

Qwarie conducts OSINT research for clients in multiple jurisdictions. A compliance review is applied to each case before research commences.

After the verification of compliance for the relevant jurisdiction, the case is passed to the appropriate research team.

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Case Management

A safe Case Management environment is provided through the secure and proprietary Qwarie Case Manager.

As a Qwarie customer, you will be able to login to the QCM to review the progress of a case, so that you have oversight and the ability to re-direct.

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