Qwarie Research Teams

Qwarie OSINT researchers work only in our secure research bureau. Qwarie does not hire sub-contractors, does not permit work from home, and does not issue zero-hours contracts. Our researchers are highly valued, best of class, salaried employees.


How do we get so good?

Its all about never-ending training and begins with a careful process of...


Pre Employment Selection

Applicants undergo an extensive selection process. A university degree might place foot in the door, but we do not rely on academic qualifications and a high-school leaver has an equal opportunity. Qwarie has confidence in the testing process we have developed. A series of  aptitude, observation and critical thinking tests deliver an accurate appraisal of an applicants capabilities.  When we offer an employment contract, we are confident that the new recruit will not drop out of the long training process, and will progress to become a highly valued Qwarie researcher.
We hire and train in groups of three.


Initial Training

Training begins with the five day Advanced Course. This is the same course that is available to private customers. It is one step up from the Full OSINT 4 day course, with additional experiential exercises.


Experiential Training

After the initial training, new recruits perform 3-4 weeks of experiential training. Typically, they rework historical cases, honing their evidence gathering skills, learning the practicalities of compliance, the traps and pit-falls of 'rabbit holes', and the necessity of being impartial impartial and not prejudical. Their progress is monitored by the Research Manager who reports to the Executive. In week 2 of the experiential training, the new recruits are introduced to the Qwarie OSINT App.

The Qwarie OSINT App has a dramatic and positive effect of their productivity, and soon they are ready for the final and longest phase of the training.



When ready, a new recruit is partnered with an experienced researcher, in a mentor-mentee relationship. The new recruits begin to work live cases in partnership with their mentor. Our carefully designed office configuration optimizes the benefit of this relationship.

The mentee will move through different teams with different mentors. The period of training takes as long as it takes and it in sense, it never ends.


On-going Training

All our researchers work in sector teams of six, that are paired into three sub-teams of two. We find that where people work in teams, they provide checks and balances, delivering safe and reliable evidence.

OSINT is a rapidly changing space, no-one ever knows everything there is to know, because it changes so fast. Qwarie researchers are at the cutting edge of OSINT, they see the changes and find new techniques, as required.


Sector Teams

Each six person sector team has a team leader.  Some sectors have multiple teams and occasionally, depending on demand, a whole team may jump sector. Sectors are listed here.

Researchers are not confined to a team in a particular market sector. On request or when required, they move between teams and as they move, they are re-trained in the tools and techniques that might be deployed routinely by that sector team.


The Research Bureau

The Qwarie Research Bureau is located in a new build modern and secure complex. Exceptional environmental control delivers a constant temperature.

Two independent internet suppliers deliver 1.2 GB bandwidth both up and down.

All computers are custom built to optimize researcher productivity, with high specification processors, excessive RAM and two large flat screen displays.
All data is stored on the Qwarie Cloud. All passwords are a minimum 28 (obscure) characters.

Qwarie's custom built, innovative 120˚ workstations, allow for sector teams of six, to create 3 pairs, so that for collaboration, each pair has an easy view of the other's screens and they are in close proximity for discussion.