All research is overseen by our compliance officer, to ensure that each researcher complies

with the legislation and guidelines of the jurisdiction that governs a particular case.


Single Subject Research - typically, between 4 & 8 hours

  • Qwarie takes an instruction from the client
  • a Qwarie research team is assigned to the task reads the instruction
  • the appropriate report template is selected from the Qwarie OSINT Application
  • the researchers identify the subject
  • and then open one or more lines of enquiry, as per the instruction
  • OSINT research techniques elicit data that is copied & pasted into the report template
  • a selection of relevant wrapper text is applied, with edit as required
  • or new text is composed
  • typically, within four hours, a preliminary Evidential Report is generated
  • a Qwarie Senior Researcher reviews the Evidential Report
  • the client is advised, by e-mail, to login to the QCM to review the Evidential Report
  • the client has a download option


Multiple Subject Research - typically, 4 hours/subject

  • where subjects are connected
  • the process is the same as for a single subject
  • but will take longer, depending on the number of subjects


Case Management