Qwarie has a dedicated in-house technical development team. 

The Qwarie OSINT Application (QOA) is in beta, undergoing extensive testing by our in-house OSINT research team, so that when released, it is robust and fit for purpose.

The Qwarie Remote Desktop (QRD) is in development, with the beta release expected in the summer of 2018.

Qwarie Case Manager (QCM) is a multi-phase project, with phase one beta release anticipated in spring 2018.

Qwarie researchers provide a real world test environment for all Qwarie products.

This allows for distribution of robust and tested products.

The OSINT landscape changes with alarming frequency.

The Qwarie research team uses or advises on the development of Qwarie products. All products undergo extensive and prolonged testing by our team of in-house OSINT researchers. No product shall be released for distribution until we are confident that it provides exceptional value and is easy to use by OSINT researchers with limited technical skills.




Qwarie OSINT Application

There are four core components to the QOA

  • Guided search
  • Help & Hints
  • Template Sets
  • Audit Trail

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Qwarie Remote Desktop

There are three core components to the QRD

  • Obfuscated Footprint
  • Frontline defence from Cyber attack & hack
  • Safe surf

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Qwarie Case Manager

There are three core components to the QCM

  • Encrypted data
  • Multi-level access
  • Accountability

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