mSIS is a multi-source investigating suite with OSINT research functionality and a templated Evidence Report feature that combines to deliver the user with exceptional productivity. The quality of research is enhanced with a guided process that provides the opportunity to conduct thorough research, while the time taken to perform the research is reduced by up to 50%, with the highly effective toolbox.  The time taken to compose an Evidential Report is reduced by 80%, thanks to an editable report template. The Evidential Report provides a consistent layout with good grammar and syntax, so that it reads well and is highly professional. The presentation of evidence complies with best practice.

Evidence that is saved to the case bundle is hashed with SHA-256. 

Automatically, mSIS compiles an Audit file of all sites and other resources that are visited during the research. Each file acquires a hash value. This is a record of all evidence sources.

mSIS provides a Decision Log that allows the researcher to note decisions, opinions and ideas that might be relevant to the case.

Qwarie has an in-house team of researchers. The research team and our customers allow our development team to keep mSIS up to date with the rapidly changing OSINT landscape.

mSIS planned evolution shall provide an enhanced version of mSIS that will include a Help and Hints feature. This shall deploy the wealth of research advice now available in
Resources shall be suggested to the researcher, with relevance to the type of research they seek to perform.

Qwarie has an in-house team of researchers that use mSIS every day. Qwarie researchers provide a real world test environment for mSIS. This allows for distribution of robust and tested products.

Qwarie Case manager is under development.


mSIS: the multi-source investigation suite

There are six core components:

  • Guided search
  • OSINT research toolkit
  • Built in graph search
  • Editable Template
  • Audit Trail
  • Evidence hashing

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mSIS Updates & Testing Process

mSIS receives frequent updates with three levels of testing:

  • technical testing
  • research testing
  • case bundle testing

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Qwarie Case Manager for Private sector customers

There are three core components to the QCM

  • Customer user access to cases created with mSIS
  • Multi-level access permissions
  • Case development management

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