PTAMS - Pre-Training Assessment & Module Selection

PTAMS ensure excellent value from a Qwarie Training. 

PTAMS begin with an on-line test. 30 OSINT questions with multiple choice answers.

15 OSINT knowledge questions

15 practical research questions

Delegates login and answer the questions.

A report is generated with a list of delegate names and the modules where training is required.

Subsequently, the Modular OSINT training is quick and easy to design.

Delegates only attend the modules where they require training. This avoids having your OSINT researchers take modules they do not need.

Your training budget is used well. Your organisation does not lose time/money, with researchers attending only the modules they need!

Everyone benefits:

  1. Your delegates are only trained in what they need to learn.
  2. Your organisation only spends money it has to spend.
  3. Qwarie gains yet more credibility and status as the OSINT training company of choice.


The PTAMS process in detail, FAQ style. Click on a question to reveal the answer.

Intentionally, the questions are not easy. A researcher who has good knowledge and practical experience from regular use of OSINT techniques, should be able to answer correctly.

30 Questions. There are two questions for each of 13 modules and four, more complex questions, that are typical of what a researcher will face each day. Knowledge and expertise from multiple modules is required to supply the correct answer.

Yes. You are provided with a admin login to the PTAMS test centre. You can de-select and re-select as required.

Yes, You can add the names and e-mall addresses of the people to be tested, or you can send a list to Qwarie and we will do that for you.

Yes. In admin, you schedule the test and send e-mail invites to the people individually or all at once.

Yes, and you have consolidated reporting.

PTAMS supplies a report that identifies who should take which module, based on their results.

Yes. You have the report, so you can design the training, or you can defer this task to Qwarie.

Admin user: £50 one time fee. You can use this year after year. Then, £15 per person (VAT not included).