Qwarie OSINT Application

The Qwarie Application facilitates fast and effect research, permitting lines of enquiry to open and close depending on the evidence elicited. Help and Hints are integrated with lists of relevant and appropriate resources.


Key to the Qwarie OSINT Application is the Evidence Report created during each investigation. The Report allows text and images to be pasted into the Report from any web asset.
More than one investigator can work on a report, though not simultaneously. Qwarie is working on simultaneous, multi-user access with Update permissions.

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Qwarie has developed multiple Template Sets to allow for targeted Reporting of Investigation types, depending on market sector and purpose of the Investigation. Where an Investigation is opened, the most appropriate template is selected by the Investigation manager or by an experienced researcher.

Each Template provides a guided Investigation, so that lines of Enquiry available to an Investigator, are not overlooked.

Templates provide optional direction and evaluation text either side of a data asset. The QOA expedites the reporting process by permitting the investigator to apply text from a selection of preloaded scripts. However, each template provides infinite flexibility, allowing the Investigator to modify the script text, apply text from another source or compose original text.


All activity is recorded with URL logging, time-stamping and screenshot capture of digital assets, that are saved to an Audit file, that provides a reference and evidence verification.
Time stamping is automated and the Audit Trail is accessible from each evidential asset, throughout the Report.
The Audit Trail is saved as a separate, tamper proof, file.

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The QA was developed for single and linked target investigations that gather Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). The QA is compatible with Cyber Intelligence/Digital Network Intelligence, where data is gathered from Cyber Space (CYBINT/DNINT) sources.
ith a new Template Set, QA is compatible for single and linked target investigations, that gather Financial Intelligence data from the analysis of monetary transactions. Qwarie is able to implement a Template Set that is supplied by the client. The QA can be supplied with no Template Set so that a client might apply their own Template Sets.


Why Choose The Qwarie OSINT Application (QOA)

The QOA is a cross platform application that continues to undergo extensive testing. Optimization is being performed by Qwarie Researchers continue to advise the technical team, so that the application performs optimally. By using the Application to perform research for customer investigations, the QOA is reaching support free status. The QOA will be released where an experienced OSINT investigator does not require on-going support after an Introduction Course to the QOA.

At this time, the QOA provides Qwarie with a Unique Selling Point. The significant reduction in time required to perform research as part of an OSINT investigation; the creation of an Evidential Report and Audit Trail, allows Qwarie to price OSINT research competitively and to deliver quickly.

That same advantage is acquired by a customer agency or corporate where a licence to access the QOA is purchased.


Q & A

Q. So why does Qwarie not launch the QOA now?
A. The QOA is being used to conduct real world OSINT research. As the research team requests enhanced functionality from the developers, a broad range of customer requirements might be satisfied prior to launch.

Q. With that USP, why does Qwarie intend to launch the QOA at all?
A. The Qwarie OSINT Application lies at the core of our business. Without it, Qwarie would not exist. Product launch is mandated by our Articles of Association.

Q. Are you interested in the Qwarie OSINT Application?
A. Notify us through the form on the contact page