Qwarie Trainers

Tony Bennett

Executive Training Officer

Since taking a seat on the Board in December 2016, Tony spends less time training.

Tony continues to deliver Public Speaking engagements, world-wide.

  • British Transport Police: OSINT and Social Media Research trainer
  • Accredited Trainer: Police National Database (PND)
  • Mainstream Cyber Crime Trainer (MCCT) for the College of Policing
  • Accredited PIP (Professional Investigation Programme) Level 2 Investigator


Tony Noble

Senior Trainer

Tony delivers OSINT and Cybercrime training courses, and he conducts Public Speaking engagements, world-wide.

  • 2015 retired from Surrey Police Force (Detective Constable)
  • National Mainstream Cybercrime Coordinator for the College of Policing
  • Network Investigator, Surrey Police High Tech Crime Unit (HTCU)
  • Security Clearance: S C and M V until 21 June 2023


Gill Cuff

Senior Trainer

Gill is a former South Yorkshire Police Officer and Norfolk Police support staff, Home Office Accredited Communication Data Investigator and qualified Digital Media Investigator.

  • Retired from support role with Norfolk Police in 2015
  • Open Source Intelligence Investigator & Trainer
  • Malicious Communications Investigator & Trainer
  • Digital Media Investigator
  • Communications Data Investigator & Trainer
  • Subject Matter Expert, associated to the UK College of Policing
  • Security Clearance: SC until August 2021


Fabiana Ferraro

Senior Trainer

Fabiana is our multi-lingual, NATO accredited, highly experienced Qwarie OSINT trainer.






January 2017: Qwarie has taken on three more Senior Trainers. Details updating soon.



Assistant Trainers

Qwarie has 7 assistant trainers. Most of the time, they are performing OSINT investigations, training new recruits on the investigations team and when required, assisting Senior Trainers on 4 & 5 day courses, that have a large practical component, and where the number of delegates exceeds 8.