Reporting & Audit Trail


Market Research performed by KTRS determined that 66.2% of respondents stated that a templated Evidential Reporting module would help with 45.2% stating it would help a lot as reports take longer to compose than the research.
From the results of this market research, it was apparent that the Qwarie Application should be much more than a tool to aid OSINT research. The Report became a key module of the Qwarie Application.

5 October 2015, while the Qwarie Application was being developed, the Department of Justice (England and Wales) rolled out Better Case Management to six early adopter courts. The early adopter courts were encouraged to deploy the new Digital Case System, and to be compliant with DCS by April 2016.

Qwarie took this opportunity to investigate DCS, so that the Report module of the Qwarie Application is compatible with DCS



Every action taken, search string deployed and web page visited is recorded and time-stamped to create an Audit Trail. Screenshot captures of webpages are saved with a time-stamp to the Audit Trail. All recording to the Audit Trail is automatic and the Audit Trail is read-only providing Qwarie clients with the highest confidence level for Qwarie Investigators. The Report might reference the Audit Trail file at any point of choosing by the Investigator, allowing for quick reference and verification of the facts by recipients of report in a disclosure process.

Defendants that attempt to modify or remove incriminating data within their Social Media shall be exposed by the Audit Trail.

The Audit Trail is saved as a separate, tamper proof, file providing Qwarie Reports with high confidence of integrity.