Our in-house technical team sets us apart from competitors, that provide OSINT training and research services.

Product Development

Qwarie has not lost sight of its original aspiration, to develop and supply an OSINT Desktop Application that shall facilitate OSINT research and reporting.

The Tech team continues to develop the OSINT App, it is under-going rigorous testing by the OSINT Research Team.

When Qwarie decides to release the OSINT App, it will be robust, effective and valuable.

Communication & Data

Qwarie owns and manages all of its own tech, mail servers, an internal chat application, data storage on it's own cloud and application hosting.

We have no reliance on any third party. Security is core to all tech functionality.

Always, Qwarie provides options for secure communications with customers. High levels of security are available in all customers communications, where required and at no additional cost; a secure chat account, pgp with you, the ability to send files securely.

Process Management

Much of Qwarie's exceptional operating capability is delivered through our in-house business management systems.

Our ERP and CRM is developed and maintained by the Qwarie Tech Team.

Our internal processes are exceptionally well managed, driving down costs, allowing our managers to work effectively and providing our customers with reliability and exceptional Quality of Service.

Tech Support

The Tech team supports Qwarie OSINT Research Analysts, OSINT Trainers, Managers and Directors to ensure that we all function optimally.

Part of that support is ensuring we get what we want to make us effective. Each employee and our key suppliers have direct contact with the Operations and Project managers.

When an employee really gets to understand the meaning of, "Ask for what you need, don't put up with something that is just OK"; Qwarie benefits from operational efficiency, exceptional reliability and happy people!