Technical Soltuions for Investigation Processing, Evidence Reporting & Disclosure

Qwarie Secure Remote Desktop

An AWS cloud computing desktop running Windows 10, with enhanced operational security.

Companies and organisations large and small benefit from a platform approved by the National Policing Information Risk Management Team.

Qwarie further mitigates the risk with user monitoring software to ensure compliance with your operating standards and policies. (more)

mSIS Cloud

The AWS secure desktop, configured for optimal and legally compliant investigation capacity with MOPI compliant data management and integrated with the Qwarie Investigation application, mSIS. (more)


a Multi-Source Investigation Solution developed by Qwarie and provisionally approved by the NPCC. (more)

mSIS LE, an OSINT research application with integrated off-line investigation and Disclosure capacity. mSIS guides the investigating officer through a legally compliant investigation process, generating a Disclosure ready Case Bundle. (more)

mSIS CVL, the same OSINT and off-line investigation capacity but without the disclosure and processing obligations placed on law enforcement. (more)