Qwarie offers both fixed term courses and a modular training structure.
Fixed term courses run from 1 - 5 days. They are general OSINT & Social Media research courses, and sector specific courses with very high relevance, to the actual research you will perform after the training.

Qwarie's modular training structure allows clients to custom build the precise training they require.


Upcoming Public Training Courses

24-27 Oct 2017: 4 Day OSINT course in Birmingham


All training may be conducted privately, at your premises or at Qwarie premises. With a private course, Qwarie is able to supply a Classroom Training Unit (CTU) with up to 10 laptop computers. Each laptop comes with a pre-configured False Persona for research purposes. Also, the CTU provides an independent internet connection, for the trainer and all delegates.

Typically, courses are for 5 to 20 delegates. Where required, training assistants accompany the lead trainer, so that, for courses with a practical component, clients may benefit from a trainer to delegate ratio no greater than 1:10.

Public training courses are conducted in central London, Birmingham and Stafford.


Modular training is intended for people with some experience of OSINT. When planning training, if you are not familiar with OSINT techniques, we recommend you should take one of our fixed term training courses. Where you choose to go the module route, be aware that the omission of a seemingly un-required module, might have unfortunate consequences. OSINT techniques provide value that might not be anticipated.

Private Fixed Term Training

Qwarie offers courses of 1-5 days in OSINT and Social Media Research. Training courses are both general, or specialised in:

  • Brand Protection and OSINT
  • Trading Standards and OSINT
  • Financial Services and OSINT
  • Legal Services and OSINT
  • Human Resources and OSINT
  • Public Services and OSINT
  • Insurance Fraud and OSINT

Training Modules

Qwarie offers 16 modules. They cover general OSINT and Social Media Research techniques. Also, Qwarie offers several specialist modules in:

  • The Dark Web
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • False Persona management
  • Brand Protection & Counterfeit detection
  • Legislation and Compliance

coming soon:

  • Cybercrime
  • Interview Techniques