Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training Services

Classroom or online, which is the preferred environment for training OSINT/III ?

The whole activity of OSINT is online, so why not train online?

At Qwarie, we have a change of leadership.
The new leadership favours online training over classroom training.

Our new Online OSINT training service allows for a more gentle learning curve, with less disruption and greater choice.

Qwarie has the capacity to scale the training service, while providing exceptional flexibility, to satisfy all your OSINT training requirements.

There is the additional benefit of significant cost savings, and there is no risk of contracting a potentially lethal virus.  Compare Qwarie training Services


Qwarie has the capacity to meet your OSINT (III) training requirements, regardless of scale or complexity.

The training is a blend of printed material, and multiple online live training events, delivered securely in a webinar style.
Two courses, one for the public sector and another for the private sector.
The difference? The Public Authority course, has much more emphasis on policies, guidelines and legislation particularly concerning the IPA 2016 legislation.

Public Sector Online OSINT Training

Exclusive to Public Authority Employees

A comprehensive Blended Online OSINT Training, delivered in a managed environment and extending beyond OSINT, particularly in relation to the IPA 2016 legislation.

The Live Online Training component is customized for Law Enforcement practitioners, with a particular emphasis on legislation and guidelines.

More info on the Blended Online OSINT Training for the Public Sector


Private Sector Online OSINT Training


For Corporate Researchers & Private Investigators

A comprehensive OSINT course, delivered in a managed environment.

The same modules that are provided to Law Enforcement, but without the recurring references to relevant legislation and guidelines.
The Legislation and Policy module is much shorter.

More info on the Blended Online OSINT Training for the Private Sector


The OSINT Distance Learning Course

The Distance Learning Course has no Live Online Training.

Two formats:

  1. A managed Distance Learning Course, where each module is delivered weekly, with a short online test before progressing to the next module. or;
  2. An unmanaged Distance Learning Course, where the whole body of the course material is delivered in a single batch, with the option of a final exam.

No obligation to take all 15 modules. Select the modules you want.

Public and Private Sector differentiated training material.

Easy upgrade from the Distance Learning Course to a Blended Online OSINT Training.

More info about the Distance Learning Course


Private Online OSINT Training


for closed groups in the Public or Private Sector

The customer controls the:-

  • Course Content
  • Speed of Delivery

Minimum of 12 trainees

Available to Public & Private Sector Organisations

More on the Blended Private Online OSINT Training


Pre-Training Assessment
& Module Selection (PTAMS)

Available prior to any OSINT / III training.

An online test, 30 questions with multiple choice answers.

Results determine the modules that might require training.

More about PTAMS


Why Train with Qwarie?

  • Qwarie Specialises in OSINT
  • Up to date OSINT training material
  • Free follow-up e-mail updates
  • Online & gradual learning with high retention
  • Option for intensive classroom training
  • Examination & Certification

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Qwarie continues to offer a private and intensive classroom training, with fixed term courses of 1 - 5 days, and a modular training structure, with a variable duration.

A classroom training is a private course, conducted at your premises or at premises provided by Qwarie.

1 day courses are for decision makers. Courses of 2-5 days are for OSINT practitioners.

1 day courses have no delegate limit.

Preferably, 2-5 day courses are limited to 10 delegates, with similar knowledge and experience.

However, and where required, training assistants accompany the lead trainer. So that, more than 10 delegates may attend a 2-5 day course.

Qwarie has dis-continued the supply of classroom Public training courses. Public OSINT courses are online.


The University of Central Lancashire

Qwarie provides the OSINT Module for the UCLAN Cybercrime Investigations MSC.

This is a shorter and intensive 5 day version of the 15 module Distance Learning Course package.


Modular OSINT Classroom Training

Modular training is intended for people with some experience of OSINT. Modular courses are for a minimum of 2 days.

If you are planning a modular OSINT training, and you are not familiar with OSINT, we recommend you choose one of our fixed term training courses, or have your delegates take a Pre-training Assessment and allow their results to determine the modules required.

More on Modular Courses


Fixed Term OSINT Classroom Training

Qwarie offers a choice of fixed term courses that are ideal for people with limited or no experience of OSINT research.

1. General OSINT & Social Media research courses of 2 to 5 days. Any fixed term course can be delivered privately.

2. Qwarie offers nine targeted, sector specific courses with very high relevance. These private courses focus on the tasks your researchers will perform after the training.

More on Fixed Term Training


Classroom Training Unit (CTU)

With a private training, Qwarie is able to supply a Classroom Training Unit. Each CTU has up to 10 laptop computers.

Each laptop comes with a pre-configured False Persona for research purposes.

Also, and where the 4G network is robust, the CTU can provide an independent internet connection, for the trainer and all delegates.

More about Qwarie Classroom Training Units



Video tutorials & manuals are available on the mSIS website, for each mSIS application.