OSINT Courses: Tier 1 Training with Qwarie

Why should I choose Qwarie for OSINT training?

There is a lot of choice

As the value of Open Source Intelligence becomes more widely understood, more general training companies offer OSINT courses.
Their remit is to make money from training, regardless of the subject matter.

Qwarie comes at training from a different angle. OSINT training is just one of the OSINT services we offer.
We don't offer training in other subjects. We train what we know best, which is Open Source Intelligence.


So Qwarie specialises in OSINT. How does that help me?

Qwarie does OSINT each and every day. Our researchers work for our corporate customers, performing OSINT investigations on their behalf.
OSINT changes fast, and at Qwarie, we know what works.
Also, we know when an OSINT technique no longer works. So we don't teach out-of-date techniques.
it's really important for the OSINT researcher to be aware of new techniques that are tried and tested, and in some cases, developed by the Qwarie researchers.
In a Qwarie training, we pass the latest techniques on to you.


OSINT Training Material; is it up-to-date?

Maintaining up-to-date training material is a time consuming and expensive task.
OSINT changes quickly and training material can become quickly out-of-date.
The Qwarie researchers know what works.
For a bit of variation, the researchers assist the trainers, to keep the training material updated.
This shares the load and keeps the Qwarie courses at the forefront of OSINT technology.


After my OSINT training, how do I stay up to date?

Regularly, Qwarie releases OSINT update newsletters to support all of our former students.
We ensure that you stay up to date, and we don't charge for this service.
We know that some other training companies have subscribed to our Newsletters.
This is how they try to stay up to date!


Do I get a certificate?

You take the exam and, if you want, we will publish your score on your certificate.

Any prospective employer can contact Qwarie for verification of your OSINT certificate..